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2024 Law and Humanities Workshop for Junior Scholars CFP


Georgetown University Law Center, Stanford Law School, UCLA School of Law, the University
of Pennsylvania, and the University of Southern California Center for Law, History, and Culture
invite submissions for the 23d meeting of the Law and Humanities Workshop for Junior
Scholars, to be held at the UCLA School of Law, on June 9-10, 2024. 

The workshop is open to untenured professors, advanced graduate students, post-doctoral
scholars, and independent scholars working in law and the humanities. In addition to drawing
from numerous humanistic fields, including Black and Indigenous studies, history, literature,
political theory, critical race theory, feminist theory, and philosophy, we welcome critical,
qualitative work in the social sciences, including anthropology and sociology. While the scope of
the Workshop is broad, we cannot consider proposals that are focused solely on quantitative
social science research or that are limited to purely doctrinal legal research. We are especially
interested in submissions from members of traditionally underrepresented groups and
submissions touching on themes of anti-racism and anti-subordination. We welcome submissions
from those working at regional and teaching-intensive institutions.

Based on anonymous evaluation by an interdisciplinary selection committee, between six and
eight papers will be chosen for presentation at the Workshop. At the Workshop, two senior
scholars will comment on each paper. Commentators and other Workshop participants will be
asked to focus specifically on the strengths and weaknesses of the selected scholarly projects,
with respect to subject and methodology. The selected papers will then serve as the basis for a
larger conversation among all the participants that may include themes connecting all of the
projects, as well as discussion of the evolving standards by which we judge excellence and
creativity in interdisciplinary scholarship.

The selected papers will appear in a special issue of the Legal Scholarship Network; there is no
other publication commitment. (We will accommodate the wishes of chosen authors who prefer
not to have their paper posted publicly with us because of publication commitments to other
journals.) However, we will only accept Workshop participants whose papers are true works in
progress; articles or chapters that are already in page proofs or are otherwise unable to be revised
by the time of the Workshop are ineligible.

The Workshop will pay the domestic travel and hotel expenses of authors whose papers are
selected for presentation. For authors requiring airline travel from outside the United States, the
Workshop will cover such travel expenses up to a maximum of $1250.

Submission Instructions

Applications should include:

  • a 1500-2000 word summary of the paper (including footnotes or endnotes)

  • a 1-2 page bibliography

  • in Microsoft Word (not PDF)

  • and, if your paper is a chapter in a book or dissertation, an optional 1-page

  • chapter outline of the larger project

Applications are due on December 15, 2023.

If your application advances to the final stage of consideration, you will be asked to submit the
full paper on February 1, 2024. Please do not apply if you will not have a full paper on February
1. The application is intended to be a summary of existing, ongoing work rather than a proposal
for new or planned work.


Final paper submissions must be works-in-progress that do not exceed 10,000 words in length
(including footnotes/ endnotes). A dissertation chapter may be submitted, but we strongly
suggest that it be edited so as to stand alone as a piece of work with its own integrity. A paper
that has been submitted for publication is eligible for selection so long as it will not be in galley
proofs or in print at the time of the Workshop; it is important that authors still be in a position at
the time of the Workshop to consider comments they receive there and to incorporate them as
they think appropriate in their revisions.


We ask that those submitting applications be careful to omit or redact any information in the
paper summary or the body of the paper that might serve to identify them, as we adhere to an
anonymous or “blind” selection process.


Applications (in Microsoft Word—no pdf files, please) will be accepted until December 15,
2023, and should be sent by e-mail to: Please be sure
to include your name, institutional affiliation (if any), and phone and email contact information
in your covering email, not in the paper itself.


For more information, please send an email inquiry to

Simon Stern, University of Toronto, Law & English, Chair
Martha Jones, Johns Hopkins University, History
Sherally Munshi, Georgetown University, Law
Riaz Tejani, University of Redlands, School of Business & Society
Nomi Stolzenberg, Law, University of Southern California
Martha Umphrey, Amherst College, Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought
Program Committee, 2024 Law and Humanities Workshop for Junior Scholars


The Law and Humanities Workshop for Junior Scholars is committed to anti-racism both inside
and outside the academy.

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